Stargazing right on the Money

STARGAZERS were dazzled after seeing the Milky Way during an astronomy event near Wragby.

Around 50 people from across the county turned out for the Forestry Commission’s Autumn Star Party at Chambers Farm Wood.

Horncastle astronomer Paul Money hosted the event and pointed out star clusters, constellations and galaxies millions of light years away.

Stargazers were impressed after seeing the Milky Way without using a telescope – due to light pollution many people have never seen the Milky Way and can only glimpse a handful of stars from their homes.

People used powerful telescopes to gaze at the Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million light years away and a double group of stars bound together in space by gravity.

Mr Money said: “I just love inter-acting with the public – it’s nice to get them to look at the night sky and really enjoy it. We’re lucky to have very good skies in Lincolnshire.”

Scott Dagnall-Marriss, 27, from Lincoln said: “It was a brilliant event and really informative. It was exciting to see the Milky Way – I haven’t seen anything like this before.”

For more information visit Paul Money’s website astrospace. .