Show day brings a fiesta of flowers to Caistor Club

Caistor Flower Show
Caistor Flower Show

Caistor and District Flower Club enjoyed a wonderful Annual Show, with the sun shining and flowers in full bloom.

The show was very well attended, with each flower class having some stunning designs and a fantastic array of containers and accessories to complement the arrangements.

Caistor Flower Show

Caistor Flower Show

NAFAS North Midlands Area chairman Judith Cripps, and president Silvana Gray Perry attended, along with Caistor’s Deputy Mayor Carol Mackenzie.

The show was also well supported by Flower Clubs around the area.

National demonstrator Ian Buxton judged the competition classes and, after lunch, spent the afternoon demonstrating some beautiful floral arrangements.

He wowed everyone with his charm and wit, whilst giving advice on how to look after your flowers and prolong their life.

He also gave feedback to the competitors on the different classes of arrangements, to help those just starting out flower arranging.

Jean Wood won the Catherine Hand Challenge Trophy, for the best individual exhibit in show, with the Pearl Anniversary Novice award going to Margaret Potts.

The Josie Tute Trophy, for best exhibit in the Craft Class, was presented to Sheilah Fincham.

For best use of colour in the show, the Ian Buxton Trophy was presented to Sandra Rossington and the Open Class Trophy, for best use of texture, went to Angela Murgatroyd.

Jean Wood was awarded the Keith Shaw Trophy for best use of UK grown garden plant material, and Pat Chamberlain Trophy, for best use of foliage, was presented to Caroline Jackson.

The title for the annual event was ‘Mixtures’ and individual class results were:

Prize Money for Class 1 (sponsored by Caistor and District Flower Club) 1st prize £15 -Margaret Potts; 2nd prize £10- Alison Cockburn.

Prize Money for Class 2 (Sponsored by Brigg Town Junior Football Club) - 1st prize £15 Jean Wood; 2nd prize £10 Valerie Wilson; 3rd Prize £5 Jean Threlfall

Prize Money for Class 3 (sponsored by Caroline Jackson Flowers 07708697860 - 1st Prize £15 Diana Ablett; 2nd prize £10 Ann Johnson; 3rd Prize £5 Jill Armitage

Prize Money for Class 4 (Sponsored by Barbara Pywell) - 1st Prize £15 Sandra Rossington; 2nd Prize £10 Valerie Wilson ; 3rd Prize £5 Gail Kewley

Prize Money for Class 5 (sponsored by Barnetby Medical Centre) - 1st Prize £15 Anne Dame; 2nd prize £10 Caroline Jackson; 3rd prize £5 Jean Threlfall

Prize Money for Class 6 (Sponsored by Caistor and District Flower Club) - 1st Prize £15 Nicola East; 2nd prize £10 Angela Murgatroyd; 3rd Prize £5 Angela Vora

Prize Money for Class 7 (Sponsored by Holcome Guest House, Barnetby, DN38 6hz) - 1st Prize £15 Jean Threlfall; 2nd Prize £10 Anne Dame; 3rd Prize £5 Caroline Jackson

Prize Money for Class 8 (Sponsored by Barbara Pywell) - 1st Prize £15 garden/gift voucher Sheilah Fincham; 2nd Prize £10 garden/gift voucher Ann Sears; 3rd Prize £5 garden/gift voucher. Ann Johnson