Scouting for information

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In 1908, a new group for boys began - Scouting.

And stretching back to a point in those early days was the group run at East Barkwith.

Now the local history group is looking to put together a book about the village in the first part of the last century and they want to include a section on the scout group.

As you can see from the picture above, showing the boys lining up for church parade, some wonderful photographs are in existence, but there is a lack of information.

The history writers hope there may still be people living locally who either remember the scout group in Barkwith or remember their parents talking about the group. “We have some information and photos but not a lot more,” explained group member Tammy Dolling.

“I have tried the archives at the national scout headquarters and they have no records of the group prior to the 50s.”

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