Pesky pigeons blight crops

Nostalgia 08-08-12
Nostalgia 08-08-12
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PIGEONS were causing a big problem in the Rasen area half a century ago.

But back in 1962, rather than the town-based pest that plagues the town these days, it was wood pigeons ruining farm crops.

The Market Rasen Branch of the Farmers’ Union, headed up by Mr R M Cooper, agreed to strongly support the county call for a concerted effort of eradication.

Other items making the pages of the Market Rasen Mail 50 years ago:

l The sister villages of Middle and West Rasen maintained their reputation for floral excellence at the annual show, staged by their joint Garden Association, which brought a large company to the grounds of The Chestnuts in Middle Rasen.

Among the visitors was Marcus Kimball MP, who said the gardens in the two villages had always seemed to him to be the best in North Lincolnshire.

Mr A Capp all but swept the board in his own section - taking the special prize for outstanding exhibit, an award of honour, two certificates of merit and many other prizes.

Mrs K Bontoft won the cup for most points in the housewives’ section and Mr G Clark for the men’s section.

l Caistor Grammar School cricket team ended a very successful season with a 100 per cent record.

Their final win was against an Old Boys team.

Pictured above are: (back row) J Parkinson, J Handbury, G Hall, R Lane (captain), A Houghton and N Wright; (front row) D Havercroft, D Kellaway, M Audin, R Blow and S Barr. Scorer B Steele at very front.

l Market Rasen cricketers 
couldn’t boast the same 
perfection, having lost this week to the Ramblers.

Pictured right are: (back row) T D Ford, K M Ratcliffe, M J Markham, G P Staves, B M Reaney, R A Bradford and G Bevans; (front row) L J Hoar, H F Linell, K N Sykes, J M Bayle and E R Barwick.

l In a letter to the Mail, Market Rasen was described as the 
dirtiest of towns.

The correspondent had 
returned to live in the town seven years previously and now 
regretted it.

He said the footpaths near his Chapman Street property were not safe to walk on and in a near cut along Prospect Terrace the footpath was torn up and the stench along the road was 

And finally....

l Caistor magistrates heard how a grammar school teacher was bitten by a dog during an outside lesson.

The dog ran onto the field at Navigation Lane scaring the children and when Miss Buckall tried to stop the dog, it bit her.

The dog’s owner, from North Kelsey, said: “I don’t know how he got to Caistor.

“The wife fed him this morning and he just cleared off.”

The errant hound cost his owner 9s 6d.