Nostalgia: Rasen man lucky to be alive

Nostalgia: 1987 EMN-180201-093722001
Nostalgia: 1987 EMN-180201-093722001

Back in 1987, Rasen resident David Strachan was pictured enjoying a refreshing pint after a horrific ordeal with a giant haystack.

The 23-year-old became entombed at the foot of the 30-foot haystack after plunging through a gap while working at the top of the stack in Ludford.

Co-worker Richard Burton managed to attach a rope around Mr Strachan, but then he too began to slide down the hole.

Rescue teams and a doctor were rushed to the scene and hydraulic gear was used to tunnel to the trapped man.

It took more than two hours to free Mr Strachan, who sustained leg and back

injuries .

He was understandably shaken by the ordeal and said: “I consider myself very lucky to have got out alive.”