Nostalgia: Passing on the flag

Nostalgia: 1979 EMN-181107-155829001
Nostalgia: 1979 EMN-181107-155829001

For more than 100 years, the Women’s Institute (WI) has been bringing women together and campaigning on a number of issues.

In 1979, local groups were showing solidarity with women across the world.

Nostalgia: 1979 EMN-181107-155818001

Nostalgia: 1979 EMN-181107-155818001

Pictured above are members from East Barkwith WI who were taking part in a flag hand over - and they arrived in style!

The Rasen mail of the day tells us the flag belonged to the Associate Council Women’s World.

WI members from Hainton and South Willingham were waiting to receive the flag from the East Barkwith members.

The hand over took place at South Willingham Parish Hall.

Sadly, none of those pictured are named, but maybe some of our readers know who they are?

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