Nostalgia: Binbrook WI

Nostalgia: 1953 EMN-171023-064631001

Then: Tree planting at Binbrook

In 1983, members of Binbrook WI planted a cherry tree outside the village’s Queens hall.

Bulb planting at Binbrook & District WI EMN-171023-074641001

Barbara White supplied this picture of the event, with Barbara’s husband Colin helping plant the tree as chairman of the Queen’s Hall committee.

Also pictured is their daughter Alison White, together with WI president Betty Grant, holding tree, Jean Brown, Mrs Dixon, Flossie Crow, Ida Cousins, Mrs Drew, Mavis Chantry and Pam Kemp.

Now: Celebrating achievements

Following on from the nostalgia picture above, fast forward 34 years and members of Binbrook & District WI are back at the now grown cherry tree.

To mark the group’s 70th birthday, they planted 70 daffodil bulbs outside Binbrook’s village (Queens) hall underneath the tree.

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