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WI News EMN-141009-073449001
WI News EMN-141009-073449001
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‘Potty’ outing - Members of the WI held their meeting at Potterton Nursery in Nettleton.

They were given a tour and a talk about the history and the day to day running of the nursery.

The previous month, the group had a very interesting talk by Keith Appleyard on Cracking the Enigma Code, when, as it was an open meeting, members were joined by a number of husbands.

The next meeting, in the village hall on Wednesday, September 10, will be an open evening, with a raffle, auction of baked goods and any harvest items donated, together with a cookery demonstration.

The meeting starts at 7.15pm and more information is available from Lyn on 01652 678654.