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Nostalgia EMN-141013-083244001
Nostalgia EMN-141013-083244001

This picture from the 1950s was brought in by Mr Hubbard.

And he has names for morst of the people.

Front row, from left- Ray Beszant, Tim Richardson, Michael Hunt, Twin, Terry Tennyson.

Second row - Peter Green, Denise Brewer, Phil Ranby, ?Rhoades, Bernard Mallender, Joan Parkinson, Brian Harmston, Juliette Kew, Donald Levit, Marion Jackson, Tony Dowse, Janet Cook, Keith Howard, Denise Sheehan, Alan Bates.

Third row - Paul Whitfield, Ronald Cash, Paul Halfpenny, ? Albert Hubbard, Tony Rusling, Ben Briggs, John Bourne, Tadeuz Saskavkh, Melvin Marshall, Tony Dales, David Bufton.

Top row - John Mareski, Twin, T Dowse, Yanish Prymaka, Chris Padley, Michael Everton, Mark Hardies, Chapman, George Briggs, Michael Bycroft, Jim Chantry, Keith Tindal.