Men who gave up their lives for us remembered

MEMBERS of the Elsham Wolds Association will gather this weekend for their annual reunion and to remember the 1,300 men who flew from the former bomber base, mainly from 103 squadron, and did not return.

Most of the surviving veterans are now in their late eighties and early nineties and their numbers for the event get fewer every year.

But this year, they will have something special to celebrate in that several members, including Chairman Ken Duddell, attended the official unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial on June 28.

This year’s reunion could though be the last in the present format, as its future is under review.

This Saturday, August 25, veterans, family and friends of the Elsham Wolds Association will meet informally during the day at Elsham Village Hall and the dinner will follow also in the hall at 7pm for 7.30pm.

Then, on Sunday, the annual reunion and memorial service will be held at the Elsham Water treatment building, where the Elsham Wolds RAF Museum is sited, starting at 3pm, with a flypast at 4pm by the spitfire.

All are welcome to attend and recall the days when the base was at the heart of the allied fightback and to remember those who lost their lives in raids over Europe.