Memories of sheep worrying, small pox and swimming club

More nostalgia every week in your Market Rasen Mail
More nostalgia every week in your Market Rasen Mail

THIS week we head back to the turn of the 20th century.

Here are just a few snippets from 1900 as they were reported in the Market Rasen Mail.

l Sheep worrying at Caistor – a serious case of sheep worrying was notified to the police.

On the men who look after the sheep on turnips at Audleby Top farm, in the occupation of Andrew Brown esq, resuming work on Saturday morning it was found that 18 sheep were dead in the fold, the majority from wounds received apparently from dogs, the rest having been smothered.

By investigation the depredation was traced to two dogs, one a sheep dog and the other a foxhound.

The former was at once destroyed and the latter was returned to Brocklesby Kennels.

l The general annual meeting of the Swimming Club was held at the Kings Head Inn, Mr J Hackney in the chair.

A discussion took place as to the desirability of carrying on the club for the season 1900, and it was resolved that the rent (£5) for three months use of the waters was too expensive, and unless Mr Hill would reduce it to £3, the club, considering the amount of support received would not justify its carrying on for the present season.

l The outbreak of smallpox has, so far as Market Rasen is concerned, been completely wiped out.

The last of the patients left the Isolation Hospital at Osgodby, which has now been closed, and we hope will not be required again.

The outbreak occurred in a family of itinerant hawkers.

l It is not many towns the size of Rasen that can boast of possessing two motor cars and two motor tricycles.

The tricycles are owned by Mr W J East and Mr B Jevons, the latter gentleman and also Mr A A Padley being the happy possessors of the motor cars.