Make sure your February 14th is the perfect gift

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

AVOID the whole bad taste and garishness of Valentine’s Day by making your home a romantic sanctuary for those declarations of love.

Romantic evenings, especially on Valentine’s Day, need the right setting, and if you want to successfully woo and seduce, there’s nowhere better to do it than home sweet home.

After all, who wants to canoodle in public among all those other couples, when you could have your own private celebration?

Help the occasion along with some sexy, sensual and fun additions to your decor and accessories.

How far you want to go depends on your taste - and of course your relationship, whether you’re just flirting, romancing, courting, or permanently partnered.

Maybe your heart’s desire is simply for a subtle sprinkling of tea-lights and a heart-shaped cushion, or perhaps you hanker for a full-on Mills & Boon style love-nest. Now is the time to indulge to your heart’s content and conjure up romantic rooms.

So treat your home to seriously seductive products. Some would also make great Valentine’s gifts for your loved one.

If you’re in the early stages of the relationship but want to show him you’re interested. Teasing, fun touches that give him or her clues about your feelings are the name of the game.

Seriously committed? If you invest in love objects make sure you’re just as passionate about iconic romantic images like hearts and lips as you are about your relationship, as these pieces can seriously damage your bank balance.