Ludford WI

WI News EMN-140107-140656001
WI News EMN-140107-140656001

The story of the Knights Templars was unravelled when Annie Binns was welcomed as speaker at this month’s meeting.

The subject had fascinated Annie for a number of years and since her retirement she had been able to devote more time to her research.

Marks in the competition for a Coat of Arms design were: Kate Smith 10, Stella Gray 9, Joan Blackshaw 8, Margaret Dawson 7, Dianne Tuckett 6.

Flower of the month marks were: Stella Gray 10, Margaret Dawson 9, Caroline Feit 8, Dianne Tuckett 7, Kate Smith 6, Patricia Ridger 5, Joan Blackshaw 4.

The next meeting, on August 6, will be an outing to Hall Farm at Harpswell and in September, Lesley Forrest will be leading a card making workshop.