Kicking off new year nostalgia

WITH 2012 being Olympic year, it seemed apt to begin this year’s nostalgia pages with some sporting photographs.

Sport has always played a big part on the pages of the Market Rasen Mail, although photographs didn’t start appearing on a regular basis until well into the 1950s.

With the help of some of our readers, we are able to produce three pictures from across the ages.

Ken Langley called in to see the Mail’s editorial team at The Hub one Friday morning and brought with him the picture of the Wold View Wanderers, top left.

The picture was taken some time in the mid 1960s by Mail Editor Teddy Sharpe on the football pitch at the top of Mill Road.

And Ken should know, as the young Kenny Langley is pictured second right on the front row.

He has named the other people as: back row - Stephen Andrusko, Ken Jackson, Sticky Stanley, Paul Whitfield, Peter Jackson and David Hall; front row - Joseph Kelham, Fred Harrison, Jim Kelham and Colin Tindall.

The main photograph on the page was brought in to the Mail sometime ago by Tony Barratt and shows the Owmby United football team of 1952/3.

He names those pictured as: Back row - Wilf Coles, Les Rowett, derrick Bembridge, Len Rowett, george Clark; front row - Pete Frankish, Don Barratt, Raymond Storr, Walter Clarke, Harry Judson, Arthur Anderson and Reg Taylor.

Do any of our readers have any more information about the Owmby Club?

How long did it continue for?

Maybe there are some tales you have to tell of super strikers or daring defenders?

The earlier photograph, top right, is from the Mail’s archive collection and shows Rasen footballers from the early 1900s.

Although we know they made it through to the final of the shield, we don’t have the players’ names or any more information.

Again, maybe one of our readers can tell as more about the team?

One extract from an edition of the Rasen Mail in spring 1906 gives a report on a sport which won’t be featuring in this year’s Olympics - quoits.

It reads: ‘The Market Rasen Quoit Club open the season on Good Friday by playing a friendly with the Barnetby Club on the latter’s pitch.

The Rasen team will be selected from the following - Messrs J Davy (captain), W Goodwin, H Hackney, W Rusling, G Padley, C Lancaster, H Robinson, P Reaney, W Case, J H Nettleship, J Searby and H T Mannington.’

The team of quoit players contains some well-know Rasen names and was clearly very popular at the time.

Do any of our readers have any information about the quoit club? Where was the home pitch for example?

We would be pleased to receive any information about the club and photographs of the team would be welcome too.

In fact we would love to hear from anyone who has information on any of the pictures featured on any of our nostalgia pages.

Or maybe you have other nostalgic photographs you would like to see reproduced.

Call in and see the editorial team at The Hub on Fridays, from 10am to 1pm.

Alternatively, send an email to or give us a call on the usual number - 01673 844644.