Increase in exercise classes at Rasen centre

New classes have been introduced at Rasen's sports centre
New classes have been introduced at Rasen's sports centre

The New Year is often a time for people to pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle through exercise and in Market Rasen there is now more to choose from.

Rasen residents are benefitting from a wide-range of opportunities to become more active thanks to a local leisure provider.

Local sports and leisure operator, Everyone Active, consulted its members about what classes they would like to see introduced at the town’s sports centre, and the new timetable and fitness equipment has proved a great success amongst members.

Everyone Active, which manages De Aston Sports Centre, West Lindsey Leisure Centre and Caistor Sports Hall in partnership with West Lindsey District Council, met with members in September to ask what classes they would like to see introduced at De Aston Sports Centre.

One month later, Everyone Active invested more than £1,000 into the Centre by purchasing some brand new fitness equipment and introducing three new classes each week.

The revised timetable also offers later classes for members who commute from Market Rasen for work.

The extended opening times on Saturday and Sunday also offer more opportunities for people across the town to become more active.

Kerry O’Neill, Everyone Active’s contract manager, said: “We are committed to delivering a comprehensive group exercise class timetable that provides the local community with more opportunities to become more active, more often.

“I am delighted that in just one month, our classes increased in size by 15 percent and they are still growing every week.

“We met with members to ensure that the classes that we offer at De Aston Sports Centre encourage people from across the town to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

“I would encourage anyone who is looking to improve their health and wellbeing to speak with colleagues about how we can support them on their fitness journey.”

For more information about all that is on offer at the De Aston Sports Centre, call 01673 842695 or visit: