Holton le Moor WI

Members held their annual meeting in January, when reports were given on the past year by president Jean Emery, secretary Megs Graham-Rack and treasurer Janet Byatt.

The present committee was re-elected, with the addition of two new members Carole Ardron and Sheila Heath.

Jean Emery stepped down as president and the new president is Megs Graham-Rack.

There will not be a secretary; the position will be filled by committee members.

Flower of the month was won by Greta White, followed by Freda Matthews and Janet Dennis.

The monthly competition was won by Megs Graham-Rack, followed by Sheila Wilmot and Jean Emery.

The vase for the most points in the flower competitions over the year was won by Greta White and the yearly competition was won by Janet Dennis.

Members then took part in a quiz arranged by Jean Emery and closed with the usual good supper.

The February meeting in the Moot Hall next Thursday, February 13 at 2.15pm, will welcome Caroline Jackson with Valentine Flowers.

Visitors are always welcome and should contact Megs Graham-Rack on 01673 828 674