Has anyone seen a boggart lately?

nostalgia halloween
nostalgia halloween
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BOGGARTS! What nonsense is this, we hear you cry.

With Halloween approaching, it seemed the perfect time to remind readers of a tale from the Mail’s M Files back in 1998.

For these parts of the Market Rasen and Caistor area were once allegedly inhabited by a small and sinister band of marsh fairies known as boggarts or boggles.

The name is still evident today - Boggle Lane in Claxby for example.

Boggarts were thought to be small and slimy like the bog land they preferred.

The companions of witches and ghosts, boggarts were famous for their midnight misdoings, where they could be found destroying crops, scaring folk and generally annoying local residents.

Even Lincolnshire’s most famed poet, Tennyson, appears to have encountered these weird country creatures. In Northern Farmer he wrote:

‘D’ ya moind the waäste, my lass? naw, naw, tha was not born then;

Theer wur a boggle in it, I often ‘eärd ‘um mysén;

Moäst loike a butter-bump, fur I ‘eärd ‘um about an’ about,

But I stubb’d ‘um oop wi’ the lot, an’ raäved an’ rembled ‘um out.’