Gardening doesn’t get tougher than this in Caistor

Rick Sandham
Rick Sandham

A floral fiesta could be seen in Caistor as the prizes for the town’s annual Garden Competition were awarded last week.

Caistor in Bloom was once again inundated with many varied and beautifully cared for gardens that belied the tremendous amount of care and attention bestowed upon each and every entry.

Caistor in Bloom committee member Steve Penney, from Waltham Herbs, said: “What an incredibly high standard of gardens we have in Caistor.

“The marking was very close and every entry was worthy of distinction”

The entry for Best Commercial Premises that surprised everyone was The White Hart.

Proprietor Rick Sandham has gone to great lengths to provide something new and innovative with his barrel water feature, 
which narrowly pipped Systematics’ beautiful blooms into first place.

The town looked clean and litter free. Self watering barrels have been placed in strategic areas and benches, railings and litter bins painted, streets and roads swept clean.

The introduction of new planters and self watering hanging baskets has shown an increase in take up of the businesses sponsorship, which has had the desired effect.

Once the judging was done the winners were: Best Domestic Garden - Mr/s Spencer, Best Hanging Basket/Patio - Mr/s K King, ~
Best Doorway - Mrs Y Bradshaw and the Best Commercial Premises - The White Hart.

The next competition is Best Eligible Garden, which will be judged on Monday August 5 from 6pm.

The closing date for entries is Friday August 2.

Britain in Bloom judging day is Monday July 29 when Caistor will compete in the Large Village category.