Fun and games for Rasen and crafts too

Kevin and KerryAnne Bates of the Rase Modelling Centre
Kevin and KerryAnne Bates of the Rase Modelling Centre

A Caistor couple plan to bring fun and games to Market Rasen, with the creation of the Rase Modelling Centre.

Kevin Bates, a former engineer, and wife Kerryanne, have already won the support of Market Rasen Town Council to let the embryonic group use the Festival Hall free of charge for eight Saturday mornings and five Wednesday evenings.

The couple have worked with town councillor Natasha Travis, who also offers business training at Louth-based NBV training, seeking initially to launch a business selling models. But they decided to create the club first.

“We see it as a multi-disciplined modelling club, for tabletop gamers, wargamers, historical battle re-enactments,” said Kevin.

“We are both avid model makers. There aren’t a lot of overt groups locally so mixing with people is difficult,” he said.

“I have always been crafty. My mum encouraged sewing. I would also teach kids to sew, paint, make jewellery. The whole idea is to get adults and children back together,” continued Kerryanne.

“If we can get enough interest we would like to make it full-time and have people doing talks and show groups of people how to make things of interest. We hope we can encourage specialist volunteers, seamstresses, artists to help young people develop skills and have lots of fun,” she said.

The couple hope to launch the centre in February and are busy seeking people to either join their club, or offers them extra skills and experience. Call 01472-851821 for details.