Fern tips from garden talk

MARKET Rasen Gardening Club held their last meeting before the summer break, welcoming Neil Timm as speaker.

As owner of The Fern Nursery at Binbrook, Neil is well used to the challenges of growing ferns, as his present garden is high in the Wolds, on chalk.

During his career in design and landscaping, he has worked with many different soil types and microclimates and this has given him a wealth of knowledge which he is able to share with gardening clubs and natural history groups, as well as his customers.

His talk was given in an easy-to-understand manner and gave great insight into the enormous family of ferns, where they were located in the wild, but particularly those which were hardy in the British Isles and were also garden-friendly.

A fine selection of slides accompanied the talk, so everyone was able to see as well as hear about individual ferns, be told their natural habitats, their size, suitability and their Latin and common names.

The club will have a stall at Market Rasen Spring Gardeners’ Market, this Saturday, June 4, and the next meeting will be in the Methodist schoolroom on August 23.