Everything is blooming at Late Summer Show

East Barkwith Late Garden Show
East Barkwith Late Garden Show
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A record number of entries, new exhibitors, a new trophy and a new title all combined to make an excellent Late Summer Evening Show for the Barkwith and District Gardeners Association.

There was a very good attendance and an excellent display of vegetables together with a lovely array of floral art with beautifully decorated hats in particular being the centre of admiration.

Sue Johnson’s magnificent flowering pot plant fuchsia, almost a metre in diameter and a mass of blooms, was the centre of attention in the section and she was awarded the Margaret Fairbank Memorial Trophy for the best exhibit in the class.

Chairman of the Gardeners Association Sheila Minns was delighted with the success of the show and thanked all the committee members who had helped with the setting up in the hall in preparation.

She invited Anne Stamp - who had donated the new chunky glass trophy for the floral art section - to present it to the winner Jessie Skellern, designer of the best exhibit, a decorated hat.

It is usually awarded to the exhibitor with the most points but as three but as three had an equal number, judge May Bennet had been asked to choose the outstanding entry.

The Denny Trophy, which wasshowing signs of wear, was presented to Sheilagh Fincham to keep. Sheilagh has been the most consistent winner over the years.

Gill Campion presented the other trophies: Betty Horton Cup to Grace Clark for the most points in the fruit and vegetable section; the Hugh Noble Trophy to Sheila Minns for the most points in the flower section; the Ernie Smith Memorial Trophy to Chris Raynor for the best dahlia and the Wilson Trophy to Kate Wright for the best exhibit on the photography section.

The judges were John Edwards Photography, Cecilia Povey flowers and John Bennett fruit and vegetables with their respective stewards Kate Wright, Lyn Small, Laura Pearce and Chris Raynor floral art.

Class winners were: fruit and vegetable section, three beetroot 1 Sue Johnson, 2 Pete Stubbs, 3 Grace Clark; three onions 1 Laura Pearce, 2 Mary Dixon, 3 Grace Clark; marrow for quality 1 Sheila Minns, 2 Grace Clark, 3 Kate Wright; six standard tomatoes 1 Grace Clark, 2 Maurice Hackett, 3 Laura Pearce; six cherry tomatoes 1 Bernard Wright, 2 Cris Raynor, 3 Grace Clark; six pods runner beans, 1 Grace Clark, 2 Mary Dixon, 3 Sue Johnson; three roots carrots 1Grace Clark, 2 Graham Mowbray, 3 Mary Dixon; five culinary apples 1 Sheila Minns, 2 Laura Pearce, 3 Grace Clark; five dessert apples 1 Maurice Hackett, 2 Les Robinson, 3 Grace Clark. The special prizes for the heaviest marrow and the longest runner bean were won by Grace Clark.

Flower section, one hybrid tea rose 1 Mary Dixon, 2 Lyn Small; spray floribunda roses 1 Laura Pearce, 2 Mary Dixon, 3 Chris Raynor; one decorative dahlia 1 Sheila Minns, 2 Lyn Small, 3 Laura Pearce; three small decorative dahlias 1 Chris Raynor, 2 Laura Pearce, 3 Mary Dixon; three ball type dahlias 2 Sheila Minns, three cactus type dahlias 3 Mary Dixon; three small pom dahlias 2 Lyn Small, 3 Mary Dixon; pot plant (not Fuchsia) 1 Megan Beeforth, 2 Jean Thompson, 3 Sheila Minns; three stems herbaceous perennial 1 Sheila Minns, 2 Laura Pearce, 3 Jean Thompson; Flowering fuchsia pot plant 1 Sue Johnson, 2 Sheila Minns, 3 Laura Pearce.

Floral art, hat decorated with fresh flowers, fruit and foliage, 1 Jessie Skellern, 2 Laura Pearce, 3 Jean Thompson; a vertical line arrangement, 1 Sheila Minns, 2 Lyn Small, 3 Sue Johnson; jug of seasonal flowers with foliage 1 Chris Raynor, 2 Sue Johnson, 3 Les Robinson.

Photography, my garden at its best 1 Chris Raynor, 2 Kate Wright, 3 Sheila Minns; a favourite garden plant 1 Mary Jordan, 2 Joan Robinson, 3 Sheilagh Fincham; a great day out 1 Kate Wright, 2 Sheila Minns, 3 Mary Jordan.