Dealing with DNA

Dr Kate Hewis EMN-141021-120708001
Dr Kate Hewis EMN-141021-120708001

The October meeting of Binbrook and District WI was packed with a record-breaking number of visitors.

The speaker was Dr Kate Hewis on DNA and she pointed out it was an unsung lady scientist, Rosalind Franklin, who did most of the preparatory work concerning the structures of DNA.

During her presentation she had everyone doing all sorts of things, including extracting DNA from a strawberry.

Another job was to construct a face using DNA ‘bar codes’ giving a ‘hands on’ idea of how DNA works in forensic detection.

The winner of the ‘Made in Lincolnshire’ competition was Sue Jezzard with a jar of home-cured cucumbers.

In second was Linda Todd, with her homemade rhubarb chutney, and in third was Norma Smith, with a picture of her grandchildren.

Flower of the month was 1 Norma Smith, 2 Pat Robinson, 3 Marion Nichols.

The next meeting is on Thursday November 6 at 7.15pm in the village hall, when the speaker will be the Rev David Reese, with a display and talk about his vast collection of Nativity scenes from around the world - from traditional to quirky.