‘Bright and Bonny Caistor Nurses’

Nostalgia 1959 Caistor nurses EMN-150316-083041001
Nostalgia 1959 Caistor nurses EMN-150316-083041001
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That was the heading for this picture of the nursing staff at Caistor Hospital taken at their open day in 1959.

On the front row are: ward sister Mrs S J McGowan, assistant matron Miss D M Himmens, matron Mrs H Slow, deputy medical superintendent Harmston Hall hospital Dr J Bonnell, hospital secretary Mr H A Frankish and ward sister Mrs A P Frankish.

Standing at the back are: Miss E M Storr, Mrs D M Rudkin, Miss P H Grey, Mr J F Shucksmith, Miss J East, Miss B Storr, Miss J Farrow.....sadly the Rasen Mail newspaper cutting ends at this point. Maybe some of our readers can fill in the missing names?