Big switch on just for Wragby

Nostalgia 17-08-11-
Nostalgia 17-08-11-
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THIS week, the Rasen Mail time machine heads back to 1932 and we learn that Wragby became a much brighter place, thanks to foresight of one man and the introduction of electricity.

The Rasen Mail of the day tells us: “That Wragby, which has less than a thousand inhabitants, should be able to obtain electricity before such towns as Brigg, Market Rasen, Horncastle, Boston and other more important centres, is a tribute to the courage and foresight of Mr J E C Holmes, managing director of the firm of Messrs J H Holmes and Son, timber merchants of Wragby.”

Mr Holmes was inspired, after he visited America the previous year, to provide a power plant to drive the company’s sawmill.

To meet the varying load, it was necessary to have a surplus of current, so he decided this could be usefully employed to provide electric lighting for Wragby.

Mr Holmes told the Mail: “The Post Office, Turnor Arms Hotel and many shops have taken advantage of the new source of illumination.

“Already there are 30 houses and business premises taking current, and the Church and Weslyan Chapel are also to be lighted from our supply.”

Consumers were charged 8d per unit and several householders installed electric fires, irons, bed warmers and all-mains wireless sets too.

l Meanwhile, in Market Rasen, the Parish Church was packed for the induction of the new vicar.

The Rev Oswald G O Larr came to the town after spending nine years at Holy Trinity Church in Preston.

l In Osgodby, tributes were paid to Mr H Dring, who retired as headmaster of the school.

He was presented with an oak smokers cabinet.