A century of Rasen memories

This week we are once again looking at Market Rasen in days gone by.

These pictures show King Street as it used to be.

Again, this area of town is easily recognisable from the old pictures, although the eagle-eyed readers will spot the Greyhound public house is now The Chase.

The biggest difference today at this end of town is the town hall, which was demolished in the 1960s and replaced with a ‘modern’ building by Lincolnshire Co-operative.

Here’s another look at some of the traders and events advertised in the Market Rasen Mail 100 years ago:

l On offer at the town hall was Watson’s Cinematograph Show, as part of the Feast Week celebrations. Ticket prices were 1/- each, with back seats and balcony priced at 6d.

l In the small ads, The India and China Tea Company were looking for a smart lad as apprentice to the grocery and provision trade.

l Chemist W B Jevons was advertising that he could supply genuine ground Blue Vitriol for dressing.

l Usselby Hall, owned by Mr E C Tennyson D’Eyncourt, was up for sale at an auction being held in The White Hart Hotel.

Auctioneer Joseph E Walter described the hall as a fine old red brick mansion with several substantial farmhouses, with the farmsteads and farms of various sizes suitable for small holdings, a villa residence, several pieces of accommodation, land and well-timbered plantations – 1,540 acres in all.

The Market Rasen Mail of October 7 reports only five of the 24 lots were sold, with no bids received for the hall itself.

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