Gluten free focus for Rasen coffee morning group

Coffee morning
Coffee morning

Being on a gluten-free diet can mean missing out on some social events.

Now a Middle Rasen woman is looking to set up informal coffee mornings where there is no worry of gluten contamination.

Anne Crawforth was diagnosed with coeliac disease, an auto-immune disease, eight years ago.

She said: “There is no treatment other than a lifelong gluten free diet.

“Like most coeliacs, I stick rigidly to my diet, although there are times when I am desperate for an ‘ordinary’ white bap full of all the things I can’t eat, followed by something very naughty like a massive slice of ‘ordinary’ cream cake.

“Obviously this can’t happen, but the second thing I would love to do is to go to a venue where I don’t have to worry about gluten contamination, and where I can chat with other coeliacs.”

Now Anne is looking for anyone else interested in this sort of group.

Anne continued: “If enough coeliacs, their families and others on a gluten free diet support a new coffee morning, then Coeliac UK is willing to formalise the group.”

Anyone interested can contact Anne on 01673 842099 or email:

Coeliac disease is a lifelong auto-immune disease caused by a reaction to gluten.

One in 100 people have the condition.

In undiagnosed, untreated coeliac disease there is a greater risk of complications including anaemia, osteoporosis, neurological conditions and, although rare, an increased risk of small bowel cancer and intestinal lymphoma.

To find out more visit the Coeliac UK website at