Good rating maintained for Rasen and Osgodby pre-schools


Two pre-school facilities in the Rasen area have maintained their ‘Good’ Ofsted rating.

Market Rasen Pre-School has been rated as ‘Good’ following its first inspection in four years.

The facility was praised for a manager who is ‘enthusiastic and committed to providing a good-quality learning experience and environment’.

The report also stated that the pre-school is not yet ‘Outstanding’ as ‘the staff do not always make best use of opportunities to encourage children to think for themselves, and to enhance their language for speaking’ and ‘staff’s professional development is not yet highly focused to raise the quality of teaching to an outstanding level’.

According to the report, to progress further, the pre-school should ‘enhance opportunities for children to think for themselves and acquire the widest possible vocabulary at an early age’ and ‘make best use of professional development opportunities for staff to help raise the quality of teaching to the highest possible level’.

Pegasus Child Care Centre, in Osgodby, has maintained a ‘Good’ rating from the last inspection three years ago.

Staff were praised for ‘supporting children extremely well when they move on to school’ and ‘observing and monitoring children’s learning’.

The report also states ‘children arrive happy and demonstrate that they feel safe and are emotionally secure’.

The report also stated that the pre-school is not yet ‘Outstanding’ because ‘staff development does not always focus sufficiently enough on raising staff’s teaching skills, so that children receive enhanced rich and varied learning experiences’.

Both facilities were rated as ‘Good’ for the effectiveness of the leadership and management, quality of teaching, learning and assessment needs, personal development, behaviour and welfare and outcomes for children.