Top ten: Most comfortable cars for under £10k

Top ten: Most comfortable cars for under £10k
Top ten: Most comfortable cars for under £10k

Motoring comfort on a budget

What’s your definition of comfort in a car? Is it having lots of space? Is it to do with a peaceful cabin environment? Feeling secure in the car? Or is it simply down to the squishiness and/or support of the seat?

In an ideal world, a truly comfortable car would have all of the above. Fortunately, these do-it-all cars exist, not just new but also on the secondhand market. You can enjoy true comfort for under £10,000 – and here’s the proof.

Range Rover (2002-2012)

Price range £2500- £15,000 Sweet spot £9000 
The L322 third-generation Range Rover was the first BMW-led RR, with far higher reliability standards. The best choices for comfort, peace and go-anywhere attributes are the 2006-’07 petrol and diesel models featuring Jaguar V8s and Ford diesels.

BMW 730d (2009-2015)

Price range £9000-£20,000 Sweet spot £10,000 
Either fourth- or fifth-generation Sevens come into our £10,000 target zone. If you like plenty of kit go for a gen-4 (2003-2008) car, with a 3.0-litre 730d for economical running or a 750 petrol for effortless power. All are quiet and comfy, with good handling.

Bentley Brooklands (1993-1998)

Price range £9000-£12,000  Sweet spot £9500 
A Bentley for under £10k? Why not? The Brooklands offered ‘the look’ of a classic Bent at a more accessible price than the famed Turbo R. Early models were powered by venerable but doughty non-turbo 6.75-litre V8 engines.

Land Rover Discovery 3 (2003-2009)

Price range £6000-£11,000  Sweet spot £8500 
Most used Disco 3s are cheap because they’ll have racked up big mileages, which tells you something. They’re not perfect by any means, with suspect reliability, but a good one will deliver great isolation and comfort on any surface.

Lexus LS460 (2007-2017)

Price range £7000-£12,000  Sweet spot £9500 
The launch of the revised LS460 coincided with the recession, so not many were bought and the secondhand market is small, but if you can find a maintained 100,000-miler it will present few ownership worries thanks to great quality and surprisingly affordable running costs.

Jaguar XJ (2003-2008)

Price range £7000- £12,000  Sweet spot £9000 
The old pre-2003 XJ delivered old-school Jaguar opulence but was cramped inside. The X350 successor brought space along with lightweight construction and a modern drivetrain. In V8 form it’s a comfort bargain.

Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Titanium (2007-2014)

Price range £7000-£11,000  Sweet spot £9000 
That’s right, a Mondeo. Ignore this Ford at your peril: a 2014 late model gen-4 Mondeo isn’t just spacious (especially in estate form), it has lots of kit and a superb driving manner, all without compromising comfort.

Citroën Grand Picasso (2013-now)

Price range £6500-£15,000  Sweet spot £9500 
If you subscribe to the theory of space being luxury, the Grand Picasso is luxurious. Besides its easy-riding long-wheelbase chassis, it’s not ‘premium’ so you pay for what it is rather than its name, opening up lower-mileage options.

Mercedes-Benz S500 (2006-2013)

Price range £7000-£12,000  Sweet spot £9500 
The fifth-gen W221 S-Class might be a bit Marmite in terms of its looks but the combination of easy power from the S500’s 5.5-litre 382bhp V12 with seven-speed automatic transmission and a superb cabin is impossible to disregard.

Volvo XC90 D5 (2003-2015)

Price range £5000-£15,000  Sweet spot £10,000 
This SUV lasted far longer than it was supposed to for a reason: people kept buying it. Not only is it wonderfully comfortable, courtesy of a soft ride allied to decent handling, it’s also strong and roomy. A brilliantly practical option.

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