rasen cyber security firm is bucking the trend

Stuart Green EMN-190719-102448001
Stuart Green EMN-190719-102448001

At a time when many businesses are closing down, a Market Rasen firm is bucking the trend and expanding its operations.

Cyber security company SJG Digital, founded in Market Rasen in 1997, has changed its name to The Armour Group - and launched four new related businesses.

The Armour Group managing director Stuart Green said: “This is an exciting time for us at The Armour Group as we have strived to develop our services and solutions, and we very much wanted our rebrand to really encompass all that is armour, yet in the digital world.

“This new name represents our ability to protect our clients and their data from cyber threats with advanced solutions and technologies.”

Mr Green said the four new companies - Network Armour, Digital Armour, Dark Armour and Airborne Armour - each focus on a different aspect of cyber security.

He said: “The company is now a leading provider of network security services throughout the digital world, winning large contracts across a wide array of sectors.

“The rebrand represents our visions and ambitions in order to demonstrate how our cyber security company has evolved into a dynamic, innovative firm.

“The team here are excited by the change this rebrand brings, and are very much looking forward to working with clients new and old under our new identity.”

The Armour Group is based in Market Rasen Market Place.

The new companies will focus on various aspects of cyber security including protecting and transferring data securely, security awareness training, privacy and protection settings and counter-drone and anti-drone activities.

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