Pigeon cull will boost flock's size

EDITOR – I want to make it perfectly clear that as both Mayor of Market Rasen and as a West Lindsey District Councillor, I am totally opposed to a cull as a method of solving the pigeon problem in our town.

A concentrated reading of the detailed and informative site of PICA reveals that there are myriad ways to control these birds that are not only humane, but effective.

Spikes placed in the roosting spaces, and netting to keep the birds away, are just two of the means that have worked in scores of places. Both scientific research and practical experience in large cities around the world have shown that culling actually increases the size of flocks. In every single instance within a short time following the use of a lethal method of control, the population returns to and exceeds the nuisance level.

Also, for reasons of humanity and sensitivity I feel that it is barbaric and totally unnecessary to resort to the wanton destruction of living creatures who are only following the dictates of nature.

Coun Burt Keimach

Mayor Market Rasen and West Lindsey District Councillors