Ludford - Check your facts first council

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Ludford Parish Council has finally responded to my letter, (only took eight weeks) after they accused myself and lorries visiting my farm of damaging Sixhills Lane Ludford, leaving litter, and travelling the wrong way up the lane, and causing upset and distress to nearby residents.

The letter I received from the council stated that they only sought to resolve matters to the satisfaction of all parties.

Would it not have been better to have looked at Sixhills Lane instead of taking the word of the complainant, and then to be told by Lincolnshire Highways that there are no issue’s with the road or the grass verge.

If anyone has caused upset and distress on Sixhills Lane it’s Ludford Parish Council.

If i could offer Ludford Parish Council some advice.

1 Get your facts right before righting letters to village residents.

2 Don’t believe what some people tell you.


Galleybrook Farm, Ludford

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