16/07/08 - Rabbits and pigeons shot at 5am...not toffs killing majestic wildebeest

EDITOR - I wonder what animals Henri Levison thinks are being exterminated for fun on the killing fields of Gallamore Lane.

Does he perhaps think that the majestic herds of wildebeest that frequent these parts are being exterminated by gun toting toffs in top of the range 4X4's for pleasure?

Or perhaps Mr Levison objects to the farmers and growers who put the food on the shelves of the stores to which his letter refers?

They or their representatives may well be out at 5am protecting the crops from the ravages of pigeons and rabbits. Perhaps it's not shooting at all but a bird scarer, set to start up at the dawn to just scare the birds off the crops?

Tony Bell

Caistor Road