Walesby Church closed after earthquake damage

WALESBY St Mary's Church has had to be closed after a large crack appeared in one of the arches following the earthquake last month.

Church warden Paula Starling said that the morning following the earthquake, she went into the church to check for damage.

“There was a mass of rubble on the floor,” she said. “The vibration had loosened where it had been repaired following damage in a hurricane in the 1930s and all that plus masonry above it, had fallen onto the floor. Also there are cracks in the wall below the windows in a direct line either side of the arch.”

The church was built just in 1913 and originally had a small ‘candle snuffer’ spitre, but this became unsafe following the hurricane and was removed. At the same time, the tower moved two inches.

The church has had to be closed following the latest damage and services moved to other churches in the group. The church has also had to withdraw from the Open Churches weekend on May 10/11.

Mrs Starling said a structural engineer would be producing a report when they would know just what needed to be done and what funds were needed to make teh repairs.

If anyone can help with raising funds to make the repairs and get the church open again, please contact her on 01673 838620.

Although the church will be closed until further notice, other church activities will still be going ahead:

* Cheese and wine party April 4

* Coffee morning April 26

* Garden party June 21

* Open gardens July 13