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A village has united to oppose plans to build 41 new homes on land residents say has dangerous access and sewage problems.

Developers want to build on land behind Jubilee Avenue and Hutton Way in Faldingworth, known as the Cricketers estate, currently 50 homes.

Plans for ‘phase 2’ of the Cricketers development have been in the pipeline since 1996, but construction of the second phase was originally subject to Faldingworth getting a bypass, something that was scrapped in 2006 due to Lincolnshire County Council budget constrains.

At a meeting at the village hall on Tuesday, January 14, parish councillors and more than 25 residents in attendance unanimously opposed the plans, which are now likely to go before West Lindsey District Council’s planning committee in March.

One of the main concerns raised was the narrow width of Hutton Way, which the new development will be accessed from.

Residents were also concerned about the danger another 60+ vehicles turning out of Jubilee Way onto the fast flowing A46 would bring.

One residents said: “Is the A46 junction up to scratch to handle another 60 cars?

“I’ve lost count of the times I have been wiped out turning into the estate from the A46.

“I think in the present situation the answer is no, it is an accident waiting to happen.”

Residents were also unhappy about developers plans to use oversized drainage pipes to deal with surface run off and sewage before releasing it into the main watercourse via a hydraulic throttle.

Parish councillors were also disappointed that the development would be largely made up of 4-5 bedroom homes, with no bungalows, which chairman Alan Longdon said was “not sustainable” and “not in keeping with the needs of the village.”

Coun Alan Price added: “I do not think our roads will allow for that amount of traffic.

“The houses themselves, there is not much more land being used but they are really pushed together.

“You have to take into consideration resident population, there are no bungalows. There are small properties but no single storey.

“I’m really very concerned and I do not think it is fair on the people who live there and have to put up with all the extra traffic.

“I think we should vote against this development and oppose the planning application.”

Coun chairman Alan Longdon added: “The main argument we have to put forward is whether this is a sustainable development.

“Since phase 1 was built we have lost the post office, the pub has reduced its hours and the subsidised bus service has reduced.

“In my view these proposals do not support sustainability.

“This does not reflect the population mix in the wider locality.

“To have 91 homes without low level housing is almost discriminatory.”

Anyone wanting to comment on the planning application can contact the West Lindsey District Council case officer Simon Sharp on 01427 676651 or email