Phone scammers seek fresh victims

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Melissa Chuck of Market Rasen is adding her voice to authorities warning about phone-based scammers.

Melissa says just after reading warnings about them, she received a call from somebody claiming to be from Microsoft.

The scammer told Melissa she had taken out a warranty on her computer was entitled to a £128 refund.

He asked her to fill in a form online and when it asked for her bank details, Melissa grew suspicious.

“I’m not daft enough to give them but some people might. He was very persistent. He’s rang me a few times,” she said.

Melissa says the caller did not say where he was from, other than Microsoft. “He sounded Asian, maybe Indian.”

However, her caller ID revealed a number 0019894665588, which Google reveals is often used by scammers, though no location was known.

Lincolnshire Police says scammers claiming to be from computer companies are an ongoing problem.

“Don’t give bank details out over the phone,” said a spokeswoman.