Paul Martin

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The funeral service for Paul Martin of Caistor took place at the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J W Varlow & Son.

Family mourners: Anthony and Kath (dad and mum); Sharon and Alan (sister and brother-in-law); Emma and Sarah (nieces); Joan and Ray (auntie and uncle); Sheffee (cousin); Rachel (special friend).

Others present in the congregation: Nick and Maxine Guymer (cousin, rep Mr and Mrs Bothwell, Harry Guymer); Mr and Mrs L Clark; Mr and Mrs N Clark (rep Richard and Dawn Leonard); Ken and Sheila Clark (rep family); Patrick S Keane; Clare Baxter; Mr and Mrs C Blackburn; Mr and Mrs S Wright (rep Dennis and Iris Favill); Neil and Angela Clark; Angela Lister (rep Pete Lister, Dawn, RNLI); Joanne Etherington (rep Wayne Richardson); Mr R Mason; Pearl Waterman; Lyn Hardwick; Olga Clark (rep Roly); Debbie McKitton (rep Terry); Carol Pixsley; Gail Pixsley (rep Kate Jacob); Judith Redfern; Pauline Atkin (rep Chris, Darren, Rebecca); Roy and Pat Jacklin; Don Morgan; Mary Dixon; Bob and Mandy Williamson; Phil Ogden (rep Jean Hackney); Stuart Fraser (rep Mrs B Fraser); Harry Minns; Mr and Mrs P Smith (rep Hazel Sherwood); Maggie Chambers (rep Lyn Brumby); Betty Reid (rep Stuart); Paula King; Paul Shepherdson; Lyn Chapman (rep John); Dave and Jane Osborne; Graham and Margaret Smith; Jean Fox; Chris Yull; Ashley Good; Sarah Good; Beverley Green (rep Judy Havercroft); Ray and Sue Smith; Stevie Robinson; Martyn Pixsley; Colin Crosby; Colin Gawthorpe; Stuart Wright; Wayne Wilson; Wayne Chappell (rep Selina); Paul Smith; Ann-Marie Stevenson; Joanne Shaw; Sarah Rands (rep Craig Farmery, Dave and Lesley Lewis); Jean Garner (rep Richard Garner, Mark Burkett, Walt and Jill Wilkinson); Mr and Mrs J Hinch; Rose Rice; Ian King; Beckie Hinch (rep Paul Spencer); Sandra McKay (rep Colin); Betty Hyde (rep David and Marion Barrow, David Hyde); Tina Earls (rep Bob Earls, John Martin); Emma Montgomery (rep Jim Denisse); Shirley Cleary; Tina Tunster; Chris and Lyn Driffill (rep Lee, Sarah); Dave and Cath Marris; Karl Wilson; Sarah Bailey; Mark Day (rep family); George Broe (rep Eileen Broe); Barbara Bradford (rep Marcus Sheehan); Patrick Sheehan (rep Eileen Sheehan); Lee Wells; Danielle Thompson; Ted and June Lord; Mr G P Broe); Darren McKay; Ian MacKenzie; Sharon Hollingsworth; Kent Storr; Diane Hewson (rep Ian Wright); Caroline Mumby; Theresa Ballard (rep Sheree Lyons); Polly Chapman (rep Lenny Chapman); Pete and Katie Pixsley, Aidan, Chloe (rep Mrs L Farrow); Wendy Dixon (rep Andy Dixon); Mr C Smith; Julie Sabourin (rep family, Terry Shepherdson, Keith and Karen Langdale); Brian and Norma Smith; Roy Sutton; James Goodhand (rep Claire Stewart); Ryan McKitton); Lenny and Tulin Hope; Mrs K Buffham (rep Brian Buffham); Dave Waller; Wendy Wells; Wayne Wells; Angela Deelee; Mr and Mrs Hooker (rep Doreen Hooker); Steven and Valerie Martin; Pat Lynskey (rep John); Graham Davis (rep Stuart and Christine Davis); Ellen Davis; Diane Good (rep Richard Alastair, Mathew); Paul McKay; Derek Fox (rep Gillian Fox); Liz Hannibal; Cath Bettany (rep Chris, Shaun and Julie Bettany); Mr and Mrs Wright (rep Terry Wright); Louise Heslington; Rosie Suddaby; Shane Allen; Emma Knight (rep Ethan, Lucy-Anne); Robert Low; Claire Scott; Laura Townsend; Steve and Julie Wells (rep Tony and Kirstie Wells); Mr M Wright; Sarah Jollands (rep Theresa and Philip Jollands); Richard Chappell; Sam and Karen Asquith; Carol Montgomery; Daniel Montgomery; Sharie Wright (rep Nev and Janet Wright); Dave Thompson (rep Sue, Elysha and Jake Thompson); Mr and Mrs Jason Marris (rep Caistor Distribution Ltd); Jim and Cath Pearson (rep Jason and Geraldine Richardson); Dave McKay; Lee Oldham; Sam Halpenny; Alan and Anne Dame; Rita Martin; Ian Martin; Tim Craig.