Obituary: Margaret Christina Stamp

Margaret Stamp EMN-150227-114110001
Margaret Stamp EMN-150227-114110001
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Middle Rasen Parish Church was at capacity for the funeral service of its church warden and verger Margaret Christina Stamp.

Born at Scunthorpe, Margaret had worked as a nursery nurse, shop owner and, latterly, a bar steward.

Margaret also served as a local minister and parish councillor.

The Rev Charles Patrick and the Rev Chris Harrington officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family and friends at the service were: Michael and Caroline Stamp; Olga Stamp; Ian Stamp; Cynthia Bulfrich (cousin); Thelma Parkinson (cousin); the Rev Charles, Linda and Claire Patrick; Martin and Ian Smith; Joyce Rhodes (also rep Richard and Lesley Brewis, Betty and Alan Lucas); Elsa and David Williams; Jo Smith; Matthew Webster; Sue and Mick Smith (also rep Pat Douglas); Phyllis Parsons; Pamela Machin; Chris Barton; the Rev Chris Harrington; Peter Cook; Quin Hough; Mrs J Culverhouse; Mrs A Veal; Mrs H Hansard; Mr and Mrs Walker; Mr and Mrs G Zealand; Mr and Mrs R Smith; Cynthia Bunch; Jean Childs; Pat Woodcock (also rep Joan Woodcock, J Croft); Monica Hansard (also rep Richard); Mrs S Mowbray (also rep G Mowbray); Mrs J Cowling; Mrs Potter; Mrs M Kirkby (also rep B Kirkby); C Trevor (also rep Tony Trevor, Betty Logan); G Robinson; J Smith (also rep Kathleen and also Market Rasen Golf Club); P Wood; Mrs E Wilkinson; V Knapton; Mr C A R Green (also rep Mr E A H Green); Elaine Johns (also rep D Rolands); G Jennins; A Clark; Ann Loom; D Newton; Mr and Mrs R Myland; Mr P C Smith (also rep Mrs G B Smith); Sheila Gibbs; K Franklin (also rep Joan); Gwen Sellars (also rep Andrew); Mr and Mrs A Picksley; P Lyle; Mr and Mrs D Ivatt; Richard Holmes; Pat Hardcastle (also rep Ian); M Stainton; J Woodison (also rep Brendon and James); Susan and Martin Bennett; B Cook (also rep J Cook and also Middle Rasen Methodist Church); Mrs J Hayes; Mr and Mrs G Barnard; Mrs M Brunton; V Havercroft and family (also rep Mr and Mrs Robinson and family, Carol Sellars and family); Mrs J Campion; C Olley; J Turner; A Mason; Miss Grace; Mrs B Dame; J Patterson; M Branston; H Cook; E Thody; Jose Grayson (also rep her family, Simon Brewis (godson) and David Brewis and their families); June Clark; Joyce Heath; Mr and Mrs Wright; Mr G Smith (also rep Philip and also Mr and Mrs R Vickers); Jackie Richards; Mr and Mrs K Helliwell; Mrs W Codd; Frank and Wyn Bell (also rep Simon, Emma and Jessica Bell; Margaret Ferriby, Kate Witney); Mr and Mrs J Stevenson; Richard and Ann Stamp; Mr and Mrs F Chamberlin (also rep Mr and Mrs D Chamberlin); Mr and Mrs Tripp; Anne Crawforth; Rosie Dawson (also rep Pete Dawson); Christine Mapplethorpe (also rep Gordon Mapplethorpe); Janet and Derek Grimbleby; Jenny Brundle (also rep K Robinson); Ann Todd; John and May Bennett; Richard Corrigan (also rep Irene Corrigan, Anne Brooklen); Doris Woodall; Desmond Page; Barbara Shedden; Julia Weeks; Janet Davies; Stephen and Nicola Cartwright; Irene Sullivan; Janet Hague; Mr and Mrs D Parrott (also rep Mrs H Treadgold, Mr D Shipham); Mr and Mrs L Brumpton (also rep J Woodcock); Mr and Mrs W Hankins (also rep R Goulsbra); Brian and Carol Ashley; Kate Hough; Joan Norap (also rep Shirley Adlard); Eileen Elliot; Pat Fussey; Mr and Mrs K Chappel; Peter Bray; the Rev Anne Coates (also rep the Methodist Chapel); Daphne Goulsbra; Eric Bee; Mr and Mrs Higham (also rep Mr and Mrs C Walford); Tricia Neale (also rep Tony and Eddie Neale); Alison Ashworth; Liz Margrave (also rep West Rasen Village Hall); Stephen Cottingham; Fred Soar (also rep Bob and Clarissa Blackburn); Mr and Mrs Parkinson (also rep Margaret Taylor); Jim Cowan; Mary Jordan; Ruth Richley (also rep Andrew Richley); Dianne Tuckett; Pat Golby; Kerry James (also rep Richard James and also Middle Rasen Primary School); M and G Rowlinson; Lisa and Andy Trapnell (also rep Amy and Steph); Dr and Mrs Parry; Miss J Healy; Helen Wilson; Elizabeth Holmes; Chris and Cilla Rounce; Graham Bird; Marylin Tompkin; John Hildred; Pauline Forway (also rep Brian Forway); Mike Perkins; Rita Hubbard (also rep the Appleyard family); the Rev and Mrs Cotton; Mr and Mrs Parrott; Angela Greenfield (also rep St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice); Liz Ingram; Mr S Campion; Mr and Mrs Wiseman.