Obituary: George Frederick Woodcock

Obituary: George Frederick Woodcock
Obituary: George Frederick Woodcock
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The funeral service for George Frederick Woodcock, aged 73 years of Market Rasen was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

Sons Mick and Mark, brother Malcolm and friend Derek Grant acted as bearers.

George was born at Low Barlings and was a farm worker until he retired in 1998.

Family mourners were: Pat (wife, rep Sarah and Chris); Mick, Mark, Sally (children); Steve Twigg (son-in-law); Emily (granddaughter); Peter Hardy (brother-in-law); Malcolm and June Woodcock (brother and sister-in-law); Marlene Turnbull (sister); Maureen and Jim Kelham (sister and brother-in-law, also rep Cheryl); Lill and Pete Kane (sister and brother-in-law); Steve Woodcock (brother); Melanie Woodcock (niece, also rep Claire Bruton); Emma Wales, Debbie Kane, Leanne Hardy (nieces); Neil and Charlotte Turnbull, Lee and Anna Turnbull, Paul and Sandra Lea (nephews and wives); Diane Bell (niece, also rep Ben Bell); Sharon Yell (niece, also rep Phil Yell); Laura Kane and Shane Spittles (niece and partner); Beverley and John Barker, Tracey and Steve Paine (nieces and husbands); Colin Woodcock, Alan and Kevin White (cousins); Des and Ann Lea, Sid and Margaret Bancroft (brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws); Caroline, Angela and Richard Bancroft (nieces and nephew); June Hardy (sister-in-law, also rep John Hardy, brother-in-law); Darren Hardy (nephew, also rep Christine Cotton); Michelle Hardy (niece, also rep Richard Hardy, nephew); Philip Hardy (brother-in-law, also rep Pat, sister-in-law, and Robert Hardy, brother-in-law).

Friends at the service were: Derek Grant; Baz Chambers; Carole Lingard (also rep Stephen Lingard); Beryl Dunham; Susan Hazell; Brian and Ann Lingard; Elaine and Cyril Blakey; Helen Blakey (also rep Kevin Blakey); Mark Rodgers; Graham Noon (also rep Mrs J Hyland and also the Cosgrove family); Alan and Edith Humphries; May and Barry Wright; Lyn and Bruce Stuart; Don Briggs (also rep Barbara Briggs); Dave and Jean Saunders; Sarah Everade (also rep Margaret Sergeant); Jackie Parker; Dawn and Gordon Brooks; John Kane (also rep Margaret Kane); Teresa Bruntlett (also rep Baz Bruntlett); Jackie Taylor (also rep Matthew Taylor); Mr and Mrs B Lord; Jenny Ward; Mr and Mrs Bob Waters; Doug Waters; Sandra Bett; Chris and Gina Smith; Patricia Wright; Mr and Mrs Jimmy Burks; Mick and Sandra Chambers; Robert Turnbull; Mr and Mrs G Hand; Michael Hand (also rep Allison); Keith and Sue Spendlow; Paul Goy (also rep Mrs R Heneage, Christopher Heneage); Gary and Carol Philpott (also rep Mrs Eve Bennett); Marian and Eric Tuplin (also rep Peter Tuplin); Paul and Carolyn Brader (also rep Ludford Country Music Group); Bill Burley; Mr and Mrs Coleman; Mr and Mrs F Chamberlin (also rep the Chamberlin family); Peter and Sue Twigg; Danielle Merritt Carr; Cassie Parrish; Rachael Wiseman and Stephen Davison; June, Raymond and Andrew Dent; Diane and Andy Chappell; Sandra Carrol