Major Louth employer Luxus Ltd celebrates €1.4 million project

Luxus Ltds managing director, Peter Atterby, at last weeks event.
Luxus Ltds managing director, Peter Atterby, at last weeks event.
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One of Louth’s biggest employers held a special celebration last week to mark the completion of a three year, €1.4 million project.

Luxus Ltd, the leading plastics recycling and compounding company based on the Fairfield Industrial Estate, celebrated at the Brackenborough Hotel last Tuesday to mark the success of its ‘Recyclite’ project which comes to an end later this month.

According to a Luxus spokesman, the project - which was co-funded by the EU’s Eco-Innovation initiative - helps to ‘commercialise the technical compounder’s environmentally positive, advanced lightweight, scratch resistant thermoplastics range for Class ‘A’ auto interiors’.

Luxus and its project partners have supported the development of the ‘Hycolene’ thermoplastics range through a series of technical trials, and have proved its potential on a commercial scale.

Managing director Peter Atterby said the project has enabled Luxus to become a ‘true eco-innovator’, and technical director Dr Christel Croft added: “We’re pleased that the commercial potential for ‘Hycolene’ was recognised by the EU and our fellow project partners three years ago. It has enabled us to make a fundamental step change in our technology.”