Funnel cloud, NOT tornado, forms over Market Rasen countryside

Market Rasen's funnel cloud EMN-140506-110802001

Market Rasen's funnel cloud EMN-140506-110802001

National newspaper and media have jumped on a story about a tornado “ripping” through the countryside near Market Rasen.

The photo above was captured by the team at Rase Distribution Ltd in Wickenby yesterday afternoon, Wednesday June 4.

Joshua Boryszczuk, from Market Rasen also sent us his photo of the “twister.”

But, the phenomenon is not a tornado but a funnel cloud say meteorologists.

A funnel cloud is a funnel-shaped cloud of condensed water droplets. They usually appear with a rotating column of air. These extend from the bottom of a cloud that does not touch the ground or a water surface.

It only becomes a tornado when the funnel cloud touches the ground, which thankfully did not happen in Market Rasen.




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