The mystery over bags in town’s River Rase revealed

Sandbags in the River Rase in Market Rasen EMN-161104-090150001
Sandbags in the River Rase in Market Rasen EMN-161104-090150001
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Sandbags placed along a stretch of the River Rase have been causing concern with some people believing they were fly-tipped waste.

An annoyed resident contacted the Rasen Mail saying bags of rubbish, and a sofa, had been fly-tipped in the river between Rase Park and Gallamore Lane Industrial Estate.

He described the situation as ‘lazy and shameful’.

But it now appears the ‘bags of rubbish’ are actually sandbags - put there by the adjacent landowner.

The Mail contacted the landowner who confirmed he had placed the sandbags along the banks of the river.

He said: “They’re there to protect the bank and the trees, which are in danger of falling into the river - and that would cause flooding.”

And the sofa has since been removed by staff at the nearby Rase Veterinary Centre.

A member of staff confirmed the sofa had come from their land.

Fly-tipping or unlawful deposit of controlled waste is an offence under section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

In recent months West Lindsey has seen many incidents of fly-tipping, with the district council issuing warnings to offenders.

If you are concerned about fly-tipping in your community, contact West Lindsey District Council on 01427 676676 or go to