Clean-up plans to aid river lottery bid

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PLANS are progressing at pace to put together a lottery bid for the River Ancholme Heritage Project.

The spring meeting of the Ancholme Users Group at Glanford Boat Club heard an update from Chairman Coun Rob Waltham who said the sub-group was meeting monthly and putting together a funding bid.

New moorings at Brigg town centre, where boats cannot presently tie up because the old moorings have become dilapidated, upgrades to riverside furniture and more improvements at the County Bridge are all wanted.

Coun Waltham told the meeting a bid can be put together by June. However, he had one reservation about bringing Big Lottery officials to Brigg and he urged the public’s support.

“When officials come over to look at the river we don’t want it to look a tip,” he said.

And Brigg Town Councillor Ben Nobbs told the meeting: “The town council is looking to employ a firm to do a clean-up on a regular basis, from the railway bridge on Cadney Road to the point at the boat club.”

Coun Waltham added North Lincolnshire is looking to do an extra weed cut.

He appealed for extra help from the public, but warned more enforcement action will be taken against offenders now.

“Waste and rubbish just does not get in there on its own,” he said.

“People discard lager cans and chip paper – we need to catch a few offenders.”

He also informed the meeting a prosecution had already taken place over ‘discarded dog mess’ with a fine imposed.

“It’s time for stronger action,” he warned.

More fines for litter louts and the opportunity of major riverside development through the project look set to combine to restore Brigg’s historic riverside scene to better times later in 2012.