Howsham farming firm faces safety charge

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A farming firm has been accused of one count of breaching health and safety rules, Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court heard on February 4.

The court was told how JE Dale Farmers Ltd, in Howsham, is accused of failing to have in place an adequate system of transportation of the seed drill in relation to safety. It is alleged the firm failed to ensure the equipment used in the transportation of the drill was adequate in relation to preventing the wings of the seed drill from dropping during transportation, and failed to ensure that employees were adequately instructed and trained in relation to the safe transportation of the seed drill, including ensuring the adequacy of strapping or other fixing to ensure that the wings of the seed drill did not drop into an unsafe position during transportation.

No plea has been entered. The case has been sent to Grimsby Crown Court, with the next hearing to take place on March 4.