Death crash driver ‘could have been sleepwalking’

Mandi Gold and Stephen Donnelly
Mandi Gold and Stephen Donnelly
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A suspected drink driver accused of killing a young couple after he drove the wrong way up an a-road could have been sleepwalking, a court heard.

William Wilson, 33, of Westrum Lane, Brigg, has appeared before Northampton Crown Court charged with causing the deaths of Stephen Donnelly, 26, and Mandy Gold, 21, by dangerous driving on the A14 in Northamptonshire. He has also been charged with driving with excess alcohol.

The court heard Mr Wilson cannot recall the crash and has a history of sleepwalking.

His legal representative, Joan Gandolfi, said: “This is where he goes to sleep and he then gets up and he moves thing about.

“He has done it in hotels where he has come down from his room and conducted conversations with people.”

She asked for time for tests to be done on Mr Wilson.

She added: “He had come that evening from Cambridge and he was undecided whether to go home or go and visit his brother in Northampton.

“He has no recollection from when he got into the car until the time of the collision.”

Judge Michael Fowler said: “We don’t ignore the tragedy that follows for those who are related or are connected to them (the victims). I am adjourning this matter and the defendant will remain in custody.”

No pleas were entered. The case was adjourned until next month.

Crash victims Mr Donnelly and Ms Gold were killed when their Ford Ka was involved in a horror crash with a Mercedes vehicle and a red Peugeot 208 on Saturday, June 22, at 11pm.

The pair, who family say planned to marry, lived in South Yorkshire where they were members of a church, and were returning home after Stephen had performed music at a family wedding in Kettering.