MR BIG impresses with long-term vision for town

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The skills and drive of MR BIG’s volunteers has been 
praised by the Chief Executive of West Lindsey District 

Manjeet Gill visited Market Rasen last Thursday to talk to MR BIG members about what the future holds, and take a tour of the new retail space the group plans to open before Christmas on the corner of the Market Place, in the old Halifax building.

She was impressed with how MR BIG had been formed and the range of plan it has for the town.

Mrs Gill said: “Our role now is helping you to help yourself. Based on that, when you were successful with the Portas Pilot we did not want to jump in and tell you what to do. As long as you understand the process we wanted to support you to support your community.

“I went along to Croyden to the Portas Pilot meeting and this group was heralded as one of the best.”

MR BIG member Sara Scott said: “I think it has taken a long time to win people over, but the biggest challenge we face now is how we make this sustainable when the Portas funds run out.

“The first thing we are doing is reinvigorating the market and we are getting to the point where we will break even.

The other thing we are doing is opening two shops on the high street. Hopefully that will help put funds back into the coffers.”

Sara said the biggest stream of revenue will be the new farm shop in Queen Street, which opens on November 24.

The store will be run by a team of volunteers and a shop manager, one of only two paid members of MR BIG.

Future projects MR BIG is working on include an Arts and Crafts Festival, and the group will be talking with Highways about lowering the speed limit in King Street and Queen Street to 20mph.

This is also being support by Mrs Gill and Coun Parish.