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Mavis Wilkinson entertained the Horticultural Society at their recent meeting with an excellent talk on Herbs.

Among the fascinating facts were: mints take their name from Menthe, a Nymph who was loved by Hades (Pluto), but his jealous wife Proserpina, turned her into the green herb we call mint; basil is only grown by a beautiful woman; Parsley germinates where the woman wears the trousers; bay leaves put in a cupboard where flour is stored deter weevils and when using herbs in the bath first put the herbs into a muslin bag.

The society’s next meeting will be on Thursday March 13 at 7.30pm in the church hall, when Andy Hubbuck will give tips on growing and showing Sweet Peas.

At Summer show in July, the title for the photography section is “Village Life”, and anyone who makes wine at home is invited to enter their wine in the Wine Section of the same show.